September 2022 - Present

  • Created an interactive three-tier web application that allows Princeton University undergraduates to drag and drop furniture to create auto-scaled dorm room layouts, which can be saved, revisited, and shared with other students.
  • Led a team of four to compose the user interface, database management, and processing tiers using JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Flask, Python, PostgreSQL, and ElephantSQL.
  • Actively sought feedback from users and advisers throughout the production process to optimize user experience.
  • Link to DesignMyDorm:

Collection of Interviews

April 2023

Personal Portfolio

December 2022

  • Built a personal portfolio website from scratch using JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, Bootstrap, HTML, Flask, and Python to showcase past/current projects and experience.

Registrar Desktop Application

December 2022

  • Created a desktop application using Python and SQL that dynamically displays relevant information about classes when prompted by the user through GUI and network programming.
  • Composed client and server programs in Python using multiple threads and processes.

Registrar Website

October 2022

  • Created a three-tier website using HTML, jQuery, Bootstrap, Flask, Python, and SQL that displays a list of courses at Princeton University corresponding to the search criteria specified by the user per keystroke, with a unique link to a page containing detailed information for each course.